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I'm Connally, and I love making everyday clothing that celebrates the diversity of the human experience. Despite disabilities, it's an enormous privilege to live in the body that I do, able to find my size in some shops when many people cannot. I truly hope when you come across this brand, that you can see yourself & all kinds of beauty. Elevating voices of marginalized people is just one way to make it not about me, because this journey is about all of YOU! It would be great to see more of how you rock the styles & connect on Instagram, so come on over and say hi!

Designing a truly Zero-Waste brand

Redefining "Sustainablity"

We save every scrap, even threads! Zero waste is more than just helping the planet, it's also about helping people. What do we do with all those scrap threads? Collect them, then use them to stuff roll-up sleep mats and repair/refill donated sleeping bags and give them out to folks living in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. It's not about doing sustainability perfectly, but rather small things that add up, and how can we repurpose "waste" into something new to help others?

From concept to completion

The Process

Sometimes as a designer, I gotta pinch myself--wearing, holding something I drew in a sketch many months ago is so fulfilling and a whole lot of magic. ⁠

Pictured here is one of my earliest drawings of the Bradley shoes, and I feel such gratitude for the path that has led me here, and how each of you have helped shape the way forward.

Raw Japanese Denim, Organic Cottons, Wood Block Prints. Oh my!

Mindfully Selecting Textiles

Each season we choose several textiles and prints to build our Core Collection. This season's stars are Raw Japanese Denim (dyed with indigo, slowly woven), and woodblock printed cotton, both chosen with an eye for comfort, durability, and sustainability. There's no sacrifice in any of those categories - they've got it all!

What makes our sustainable hearts tick. We love learning new things about the wonderful world of textiles, and committing to pivoting as we learn new information to bring what we do closer and closer to our ideals!

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