Raw Japanese Denim, A Love Letter.

Raw denim, in all its contrasting glory. This fabric really has it all in the Denim Dreams Department. Stretch, without the elastic. Organically grown. Slowly woven using shuttle looms. Indigo-dye. It's a process reflected in the quality of the material you can FEEL. ⁠

So...what is Japanese Raw Denim, and why is it so much better than any other type?

Raw Denim forms to fit YOU, the wearer. Because the organic cotton yarn strands aren't compromised with chemicals, distressing, blending with synthetics (like elastin or spandex), by nature they will be stronger.

The denim is woven slowly using shuttle looms, and yarns are dipped into indigo, then pulled up as high as two stories, allowing the indigo to oxidize, and repeated until the desired colour is achieved, leaving the core of the fibre in its natural, undyed state (extra strong!). That also means that the reverse side of the denim is typically contrasting in colour.

Today, there is a limited amount of machinery and skilled craftsman who can still make denim the traditional way, most of which are concentrated in the Okayama region of Japan. The knowledge and heritage skills paired with passion and attention to detail truly make Japanese Raw Denim second to none.

But maybe explanations with interpretive dance is more your thing...we got you ;).