Welcome to Connally McDougall!

Our brand was born from the belief that quality, sustainable fashion is for every BODY. Designed with a wide variety of body shapes and sizes in mind, styles feature comfortably chic, easy-fitting silhouettes in machine-washable, sustainably sourced fabrics to take you from season to season.  Plus, everything has pockets (and everyone loves pockets)!

With sustainability as a core value, we utilize zero waste methods, efficient garment production methods, and we re-purpose all of our scraps (even the threads!) for homeware goods. We use natural materials such as OEKO-TEX certified tencel, cotton, linen, bamboo, viscose, silk and wool from local and independent sources. Every piece is made by hand, supporting fair-wage operations in our local community so you can feel good and look amazing when wearing a Connally McDougall piece. 

Our garments are made in small batches or by special order in Vancouver, Canada. With this in mind, we can offer exchanges or store credit should you not be 100% satisfied with your purchase!

We offer FREE SHIPPING Canada-Wide with $15 flat rate shipping to the US, $25 flat rate shipping internationally.

If you would like to get in touch, please check us out on social media or shoot us an email at hello@connallymcdougall.com


Meet the Team!


A self-taught seamstress by the age of 21, Connally attended Central Saint Martins School for Design in London UK, however she left the program to begin working in the industry doing freelance work in costuming and set design (favourite: doing Mama Mia at The Apollo). Wanting to be closer to her family, she came back to her birthplace of Vancouver BC in 2015 and launched as a full-time designer under her self-named label in 2018. 

Connally grew up seeing friends and family members frustrated with lack of functionality in womens clothing, and saw fashion design as an opportunity to give people of all sizes what they want and need from their wardrobe. By being outsized, women everywhere are excluded from experiencing a wonderful part of life - shockingly, the average North American woman is a size 14 and most brands cap out at a size 12, leaving so few options for so many. Rather than perpetuating a world where women are forced to mould their bodies into sizes that are commonly available, she chooses to design clothes up to a size 5X and offers custom sizing for those who request it. Connally understands that something as simple as a proper fit can improve your posture, your mood, your confidence and let you feel free to just breathe and move comfortably while expressing your personal style! 

For Connally, sustainability is another part of good design - for design to be excellent it has to be conscious of its environmental impact, which is something the fashion industry has traditionally not prioritized. Therefore, she chooses to provide fewer styles and not launch new collections, but rather adds a few new styles in new fabrics each season. 

At the moment, Connally is looking forward to expanding her repertoire of styles and reaching more people, helping them know that they are beautiful just the way they are.



Jeanine grew up in the flatlands of Saskatchewan, where everyone wore versions of the same things, and had her first retail job working in the Joe Fresh clothing department at her local Superstore. She loved witnessing womens’ reactions when they would put on a dress that actually accentuated their waist and was not all black. Quickly, she realized that fashion held an incredible power to make people feel beautiful, and when people feel beautiful, they change. 

She decided to study fashion design for two years, and finally headed to Toronto to attain her Fashion Communications Degree at Ryerson University. She still loves the creative energy and freedom of expression through fashion that exists in large cities such as Toronto, but when the opportunity came for her to live in Vancouver, she jumped at the adventure! 

Living in Vancouver brought many different opportunities for Jeanine, till one day working at her local liquor store, she met Connally. Since joining the team (mid-pandemic), she has brought a sense of order to the chaos that comes with running a small business. Her innovative ideas continue to take shape within the company, influencing the directions of design, marketing, and sales.