Pratima Kerchief in Avocado-Dyed Silk


The Pratima Kerchief

From centuries past through to today, a seemingly simple square of fabric has been a utilitarian and decorative must-have. Traditionally used to keep the sweat from our necks and foreheads and as shelter from the sun and cold, they remain a necessity for modern why not make them beautiful, too!


  • Silk habotai, hand dyed using avocado pits and peels
  • Each kerchief varies slightly, celebrating the natural dye process
  • Rolled hem edge
  • Measures 20.5" x 20.5" (52cm x 52cm)
  • Hand wash in cold water


These dye batches are made as avocados are available and with off cuts of silk, as such, if they are available in shop, snag it, and it will be shipped right away. As we are not able to give ETA on how quickly we'll eat avocados, subscribing to our newsletter is the best way to find out when our next dye batch is happening! This is one of our strategies for eliminating fashion waste as we just create the garments needed to clothe your beautiful body. The shipping time you see in the “check out” is the postal delivery time.

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